Digital Nomad Slow Life Experience… in El Hierro

Digital Nomads Wanted
to shape and share the 1st ever
Slow Workation in El Hierro

El Sabinal El Hierro

A unique opportunity to discover together the wildest and most remote island in the Canaries, share projects and experiences, get back in touch with nature, with your own body and mind.

Where: El Hierro, Canary Islands.
When5 to 12 November 2016.

Some scenery in El Hierro

After several months spent looking for new, unusual and exciting locations in Italy, we have decided to go back to where this adventure started: El Hierro, the smallest, wildest, least known island in the Canaries.

We are going there with the idea of nurturing our project of building a co-working space, with a bit of co-living and community spirit.

We like to think that we are going to be able to explore a different kind of lifestyle, alternative not only to the mainstream lifestyle of regular society but also to the one proposed by the “Chiang Mai-Ubud-Las Palmas” digital nomads. A lifestyle made of:

  1. “virgin” locations – not perfect, maybe, but genuine and pristine;
  2. a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, in harmony with ourselves and the surrounding environment;
  3. time to nurture one’s dreams and redefine one’s own priorities.

What we would like to do is:

  1. a workation where work is not the priority;
  2. workshops focused on skill sharing;
  3. A week during which you can explore yourself, learn back the “art” of slowing down, regain possession of yourself.

We envision a typical day on the workation to be a synergy among various elements:

  • a daily meditation practice;
  • a regular (physical) exercise routine;
  • work and self-managed workshops;
  • a natural and healthy diet.

The Principles of our Workation


We will have a place where we can work, a shared office with a decent internet connection.


We want to encourage people to share communal areas in case of shared housing: not only the aforementioned office, then, but also the kitchen and leisure areas.


We all have different experiences, knowledge and skills that might be useful to other people. There are those who work with SEO or Adwords, those who are social network whizzes, those who work with email marketing or copywriting.
Sharing one’s talents (not only digital talents but all that is in line with the spirit of this workation, such as yoga, meditation or nutrition) will not be mandatory, but is strongly encouraged.


We are inviting you to come for a week, but you are free to stay with us in El Hierro as long as you like (roughly from till mid-December).

We are inviting you to come for a week… but we are thinking about the future! The one from the 5th to the 12th of November is just the first experiment of a long term project, aimed at giving birth to a real community of digital nomads on the island of El Hierro.

As digital nomads, we will continue to travel and explore new parts of this planet (or go back to where we had a great time), but we want to make out of El Hierro our own HQ, the place to go back to, where we know someone is going to be to greet us and welcome us back: a traveler, a slow walker of life. A Digital Nomad of the Third Kind.

Why El Hierro?

  • Because it is small, sparsely populated and almost untouched by mass tourism.
  • Because it has a wealth of unspoilt landscapes and mystical sceneries like few other places.
  • Because people leave house doors open and car keys on the hood of their cars.
  • Because people greet you on the street and still hitchhike!
  • Because it is the first island in the world that has taken the path of self-sustainability.
  • Because it is the island at the end of the world that can become the beginning of a new world (article in italian)…

Not convinced yet? Look at all the colours of El Hierro!

The Workation in details


Our accomodation will be Casa Salmor, a typial herreño resort which consists of small apartments and double rooms with private bathroom and common open spaces.

We find Casa Salmor as the best fit for our idea. In case someone would prefer an accommodation with different features (such as wifi in the room) we have, at a walking distance of 600 meters, Finca Wapa.



We are interested in sharing this experience, not making money out of it; we will do whatever is in our power to keep costs as low as possible, making the experience accessible to aspiring digital nomads as well.

Costs of Casa Salmor vary depending on the type of accommodation:

  • small apartment at 35 euros per night;
  • double rooms at 25 euros per night.

But since we want to encourage sharing the kitchens that are just in the apartments we’ve thought to make a..

  • “flat” fare of 30 euros per night per accommodation.

If you share a double room it will be 15 euros each person.

But we are quite flexible to the needs of those that we can meet.

It will be necessary to have some cars so we can move through the island. Again we encourage sharing (at least 2 persons in a car) and we will try to get a good deal from the local car rental companies.

The time we are spending on this is considerable, so if at the end of your workation you will feel like gratifying our efforts and gain some good karma score at the same time you are welcome to do it with a free offer. ?


Here’s our idea of a possible schedule:

  • 5 November
    18.30 Welcome drink (Hotelito)
  • 6-11 November
    7.30-8.30: Meditation (something different every day)
    Breakfast (buffet in Casa Salmor)
    Lunch (we will cook together or we will enjoy Casa Salmor’s buffet or we will explore some local options)
    15.00-18.00: Sharing skill (some of these will be done “in itinere” meaning in some important spots in the island in order to combine business with pleasure)
    18.00-19.00: physical activity (something different every day, e.g: functional training, yoga, walking-running, free gym…)
    Dinner (we will cook together or we will explore some local options)
    Fun (something different every day, e.g: typical canarian concert, mantra night, night walks, etc…)
  • 1 digital detox
    A tour in La Restinga… with dives and sea baptisms for those who wants.
  • 12 November
    Breakfast… and we say goodbye to each others.

Additional Activities (paid)

We are considering different (paid) activities to include in our workation. We are getting in touch with the different operators in order to get some good deals.

  • Excursions
  • Freediving
  • Diving
  • Paragliding
  • Ayurvedic massage
  • Quiromassage
  • Reiki
  • Hata Yoga

How to Join

We need you to book as soon as possible and you can do it with a small amount of 50 eur. Contact us  and if you haven’t done it yet sign up in our secret facebook group and to our newsletter

If you have doubts, opinions, objections, notes and advice… Write a line in comments section!

But above all…

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Don’t be shy! We need you as well to make this idea come true!

Latest updates

  • We gave a new life to this facebook group dedicated to the project. Sign up! 🙂
  • We updated this article the 1/10/2016 due to a change in the dates, the final decision of the accommodation and the first draft of the schedule.
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